Aug. 11th, 2013 04:13 am
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You know what it the most annoying is abandoned fanfiction.  I now only read completed stuff, because it is so frustrating when people just walk away from a story I'm enjoying.  It's just an frustrating if, I am going through a fic rec list and can't find a complete fic that sounds interesting.

I definitely devote way too much time to this shit and I am sure this is entirely uninteresting.  I mean no one reads this though, so what does it matter.  I have no updated it in something like 9 months and no one said boo about it.

On another random, note I saw The Way Way Back last night and it was really good.  I was convinced it was by the same people who did Away We Go, but I can find nothing that connects them except that Allison Janney and Maya Rudolph were in both.  I felt that they played similar characters as well, but whatever.

Also, i started watching Orange is the New Black and I am in love with the character of Alex Vause.  (I think that she should hang out with Derek Hale, whom I also love.)  I think that OiTNB is great and all the characters are so well rounded and I think that the acting is phenomenal.  I know that in real life Piper got out of prison and married Larry, but I am hoping that in the show she gets back together with Alex permanently.  Although honestly, I am not sure how that would work.

I am reading alot of Sterek fanfiction and I was into McDanno at the beginning of the summer and it seems to be coming back.  My rant above was prompted by me looking for some Mark/Eduardo fanfiction.

My computer seems to be shutting itself off alot.  I am wondering if I need to shut it down more or something. I am hoping that it doesn't need to be replaced, because that would suck and I can't even imagine.  It would be so fucking expensive.  The screen just randomly cuts out and then I can't use the keys.  I have to shut it down and turn it back on and everything is fine.  I wish that it would stop, its stressful.  
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