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Today is my second day working a new job and it is very interesting being in this position.  I have always been the person who knows what to do and what is going on.  I don't like being unable to do things I feel useless.  Also there is a problem, because I don't yet have a uniform or a log-on.  I also don't know what my salary is my impression so far has been that they are fairly unorganized.  I guess that I am used to working for my mother who is potentially one of the most organized people ever.  I am sitting here while my co-worker helps someone, unable to assist, because I don't know what to do and I don't have a system log-on.  It has been mostly slow and I really just want to go home and sleep.  This woman is a piece of work.  She thinks that she knows everything.  I actually ended up helping her with directions around town and it made me feel useful, so that was nice.  I actually know alot of the answers to the questions that she was asking which I was slightly surprised by.  I kind of jumped in front of my co-worker, but I figured that I know town better than him, because he has been here for a month and he lives and works in the next town over.  I think that I would be a much better concierge than I am a front desk person.  I know that the people are going to be high maintenance, but I am good at directions.  It was interesting looking at the map upside down.  I have never had to look at a map upside down before.  I don't know how people do it in places that they have maps without the business names on the maps.  I can't imagine being transferred by the company to a place that you have never been to work at the front desk.  I think that it would be a horror.  I need some caffeine.  I am a slight disaster.  I hate having to tell people that I am training and they are going to have to wait for someone else.  I think that it makes me look bad or stupid.  I cannot wait until I know what I am doing and I have a feeling that is going to take some time, which is annoying, because I am only here until the end of August.  I seriously am going to eat lunch and then go to sleep when I get off.  This standing all day thing is going to kill me.  Yesterday my heels hurt and now my knees hurt.  I am a person who spends alot of my life sitting, so I think that this will strengthen some of the stabilizing muscles in my legs.  I just took someone up to my first room.  They are nice.  I think that it is interesting that most of these rooms are owned by people.  It seems like a weird system.  I don't know.  Its odd.  i should be able to leave soon is my hope.  I want to be done for the day and try to get some sleep, so that tomorrow isn't as difficult. I am going to bring something fun to drink tomorrow.  Maybe I will stop at Starbucks tomorrow before work and get a venti Frap, so that I can get some sugar in my body.  Hopefully, I'm done soon.
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