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There is this thing called the internet and it is a place of freedom.  Since the internet started people have been trying to control it and use it to their advantage.  But although it was created by humans it seems to be an entity all its own.  Then came along the American Government, a government that professes to be all about freedom.  They decided that the internet needed to be regulated, that it was taking to much money away from the corporations.  The problem is that the point of the internet is to be able to freely share ideas and talk about things that you love.  This incudes talking about and even sharing copywrited material.  I am not condoning downloading, I myself do not participate in it for the most part, but problem with SOPA and PIPA is that they would allow corporations to greatly restrict most of the sites on the web.  Maybe they wouldn't completely decimate websites like Tumblr and Facebook and YouTube, but I think that they would and I firmly believe that they should not have the option.  I think that the internet allows people to freely express themselves whether it is drawing or editing or writing or being a member of a fandom (although no one is a member of just one fandom).  I think to take that away would be disastrous, because the internet is outlet for the fringe groups that they have never had before and even a place for the more mainstream people to fly their secret freak flag, because everyone has one.  I think this was made so clear, by the way that the internet joined together (they can never agree on anything) and rose up against SOPA and PIPA.  The internet is important.  The internet is powerful and we can do more than that.  We have so much potential, so don't silence us.


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